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We are providing our Muccadum Services (custodians of pledge) to all the Banks / Financial Institutions for more than three decades with utmost honesty and integrity. This gives us an edge and we stand as team leaders in the collateral market. This service plays a vital role in our list of activities, which is provided with highest professional manners. Our technical staff through devised systems and experience have achieved excellence in detection of stacking concealment, counting, sampling and stock assessment. Our team of experts includes Professional Managers, who are trained to judge and gauge the various aspects of storage and warehousing. A system is devised with chain of inspections from the lowest cadre to the management. This system evolved over a period gives us an edge to provide this service with efficiency and effectiveness. We are managing the pledge sites satisfactorily by deployment of our field staff with our in house strategy. Our pledge areas are divided in different clusters. For better monitoring of pledged sites and in order to safeguard Bank’s interest. Deployment of senior supervisors is based on a radius of five kilometers, of each cluster. It is also mandatory for our field supervisor to visit each site of his radius / cluster on daily basis. Our field staff is also equipped with latest communication gadgets like smart phones with activation of emails / WhatsApp / IMO etc., to encounter any attempt of forcible lifting or unpleasant situation at any pledge site, located in their allocated areas.

Our hiring is being done with proper referrals and after strict scrutiny. The system set by us is to ensure proper control of Muccadum sites. Our site staff is always in touch with the respective offices, of their area, on daily basis. That’s how they report and receive instructions. Supervisory staff make spot checks on regular basis. Strict measures with proactive approach along with our vast experience in managing a large variety of goods help us in safeguarding Banks’ interest from both legal and practical perspective. It would be contextual to mention here that, we always promote culture of fair play under any circumstances. Any intentional foul play by our staff is taken very seriously and we have zero tolerance policy implemented for such actions, if any. In the process of handling the pledge stocks, our Godown Staff have been trained to always be vigilant, not only to ensure the safety but also the usability of stocks. In certain instance where ever we observe that long time has passed, without movement of stock. We promptly alert the Bank to impress upon the borrower to replace the old stock with fresh one. At the same times, on Bank’s request, we also take out random samples of old stock. Feedback of pledged stocks to the Banks, resultantly always helps the Banks to safeguard their interest. We take pride in saying that, we are capable of handling all types of commodities. Which can be gauged from diversity of the names of clients and financial institutions, where we are enlisted as Muccadum (custodian of pledge stocks).

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