Evaluations Services

We have to our credit of being one of the most respected Company in Pakistan as well as having to our credit of facilitating international organizations and various international missions and international financial institutions, in the field of asset valuations. We are State Bank of Pakistan approved valuator. Our team of valuators are all highly qualified and experienced in their respective technical sphere. We are quipped to valuate a wide range of assets ranging from raw land to sophisticated civil engineering project. From simple machine to industrial conglomerates.

We are conducting evaluations of moveable / immovable properties, including large industrial and other big and small manufacturing units, Land, Building, Plants, Machinery, Equipment, Vehicles, Aircrafts, Motor Vessels and Raw Materials etc. Our valuation professionals have unparalleled depth of experience and unique perspective based on actual transaction and operational experience. Our valuations based on vital insight enable our clients to make well informed decisions. We have to our credit of being involved with multinational banks at the time of introduction of consumer finance to Pakistan market. Apart from devising strategies to implement safe consumer finance products.

We have to our credit of being involved with International Banks in implementing consumer finance. Our focus being on collecting vital accurate data to enable decision making. Thus minimizing risks.

In addition to being on the panel of approved evaluator with all the Banks and Financial Institutions
in Pakistan, we are also enlisted with the Pakistan Banks’ Association (the regulatory body of State
Bank of Pakistan) in their Panels 1, 2 & 3 to handle any size of evaluation projects throughout
Pakistan with no upper limit.
Currently we are providing our quality professional services to the following sectors across the
country :

  • Telecommunication.
  • Electronic Industries.
  • Textile Industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Oil Extraction Units.
  • Aviation.
  • Power Sector.
  • Sugar Sector.
  • Agro Chemical Industries.
  • Steel Industries.
  • Dairy & Beverages Industries.
  • Wind Power Generation.
  • Cement Industries.
  • Tanneries / Leather Industries.
  • Oil & Gas Sector.
  • Highways & Motorways.
  • Special Projects.

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