Evaluation and Inspection of Stocks and Commodities

Physical inspection / evaluation of Hypothecated and Pledged stocks is being carried out by our
company as assigned by the Banks and Financial Institutions.

Our team is well aware in this field and all precautions are taken by us while conducting such
inspections. Thorough comments are given to the Banks / Financial Institutions, on the nature of
stocks, condition of stocks, method of stacking, approximate value, aging of stock, condition of
warehouse, space of storage, adequacy of firefighting arrangement, security aspects. Our
recommendation on non-availability of adequate arrangement (if any) are highlighted in our reports.

These periodic evaluation / inspection reports help the Institutions give recommendations, to avoid
circumstances that jeopardizes the Bank’s interest and are need to be corrected.

The general condition of warehouse structure, cleanliness, security system, air ventilation, sun-light,
electrical wiring, fire hazards and fire-fighting equipment available are all observed and noted. Any
discrepancies found are noted down and reported to the Bank for their information and necessary
remedial action on it.

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