Customs Clearing & Forwarding Services

We are one of the leading Clearing & Forwarding Agents, who provide reliable services to the Banks and Corporate
sector of Pakistan. We hold our own country wide Customs Clearing & Forwarding license. Due to this, we are in a
position to give prompt service to our clients, rather assigning the task to another clearing agent.

Cleared and delivered is a vital service for importing freight into the country. We make imports and customs clearance
simple by offering a seamless, streamlined process for importers to pay duties, clear customs and deliver to a location
in one simple transaction. We offer a total logistics solution for all imports to Pakistan. Our one stop customs clearance
transaction process assures you to stop worrying about importing and focus on utilizing or preserving.

Currently we are providing our trustworthy and prompt professional services to the different sectors across the country
as follows:

  • Telecommunication.
  • Electronic Industries.
  • Textile Industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Oil Extraction Units.
  • Aviation.
  • Raw Materials.
  • Grain & Pulses.
  • Power Sector.
  • Sugar Sector.
  • Agro Chemical Industries.
  • Steel Industries.
  • Dairy & Beverages Industries.
  • Wind Power Generation.

Our dedicated team of Customs Clearing & Forwarding comprise of sufficient technical staff which are familiar with existing custom procedure of each custom station. Our team of professionals also current with relevant SROs being implemented on different goods and commodities being imported into Pakistan.

Our Custom Clearing & Forwarding unit has close liaison with the Custom Authorities and Association of Clearing
Agents for getting, time to time guidelines, to further strengthen and enhance the capacity of our services.

In a one window operation the consignments are safeguarded right from the port to the appropriate destination,
thereby reducing the risk foul play. This not only ensures early clearing, it also promptly gets the commodity to it’s final
destination, where it is taken into effective pledge, in the Bank’s designated warehouse.

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